Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction & Polyneuropathy

CIPO & Polyneuropati AMSAN

10 year anniversary of April On this day, 10 years ago my GI doctor met me (us) with a smile on his lips. All the wait, guessing and second guessing was over. The pathologist found something in the biopsy they took almost a year prior to this date. I fell ill on December 23th 2007. An illness, a thing that had a name... Chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction, or false bowel obstruction. An illness located in the nerve pathways in the intestines. A neuropathy in the intestines. But since it could and would move itself around, we could not just remove the non functional parts. As to anything you adjust and adapt. Years of enteral nutrition, a nasogastrisk sond, an finally a PEG button placed in my stomach. Years of going in and out of hospitals, years were I spent more than 250 days as an inpatient. But somehow you find a new normal... Little did anyone know that this neuropathy would get me a ticket in the proud wheelchair pilot association;-) as a full blown owner of a subversion of Guillain-Barrés Syndrome; Polyneuropathy AMSAN. Not a day goes by without me missing being able to work, participate in life full time and ... and what...! Life finds new ways, new paths and you find yourself grateful to be alive. Grateful for the day you can do things by yourself. And after a week of the coughuenza alongside a splash of +40° fever and a brain so fogged up, I forget why, why I start a sentence... I am not complaining, just stating that life is wonderful, Now Go live it!

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