Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction & Polyneuropathy

CIPO & Polyneuropati AMSAN


8. marts 2009.

Laying in dark being aware of breath take I take it hurts.
Having been heavily sedatted for 12 day now it time get back to basics.

They kan provide me with means to keep painfree, buit at what cost. The pain is gone but then I am way to tired to do anything worthwhile...

What is the joy in that?
i will just have to accept the fact that the pain will come back as it were before I went to the hospital. But then my senses are still full funktionel.
The pain is part of my whole undissolved sickness,which I hope soon will how a name.And a plan attached to it.Because I am reclaiming my life.
Now I have some days almost in no paine and it was appreciated,but I will not loose my life to strong painmedicine, depending on others to come around nursing me...
i want to ride a motorcycle again somewhat soon, or just take the volvo out for a swing.
My life... Mayby my life just comes with a build in painbutton.

I would describe myself as fragile piece of porcelain you cnnot look upon with hurting me at the moment. But inner pain can be pretty bad with me saying a word.

Soon the marks of the operation will be over and I will have my usual pain back.Would be nice if they could find out what causes it and remove tthe cause.

Pain is like lyers in a cake.
Inner pain
Outher pain
Verbal pain
Painful word causes illiterate pain of some kind.
And I could go on.
But pain no matter wheater it is phisical pain, psykic pain ... Undermines us.
Can take our sense of judgement.

I reflekt as I eat an orange candies peel coveret in dark chocolate. Yummi
Sending me back to life is a box of chocolates...
my mind have stoppe reflekting upon pain and thinks about chocolate...

Good night to you all...

Tomorrow Today
is Yesterday.
Tak for besøget og på gensynet. Thank You for visiting and welcome back.
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