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16. februar 2009.

Saturday a bright and sunny day, made it impossible not to smile ...

The highlight of the day was a visit at the movies ... Bolt!

Disney´s new film a 3D production. Something surely have happened since I wore my first 3D glasses, a paper model with one green and red glass, those were spiffy black deep deep undercover look a like agent "sun"glasses.

The feeling was good and the film is the new generation of Lassie comes home.

Luckily the glasses kept the tears away from curious glances ... either I am get soft and sentimental or I am just extremely sensitive right now.

But it was the perfect way to spend a Valentine day with the people I love...

It brought joy to the heart...

The daughter was a bit sad ... mostly with the size of her room ... I know it is terrible but I caught myself thinking that it would resolve itself as she could get the bigger room when I was not around.

Why can I not get those stupid thoughts out of my mind?

I do want to be positive about everything ... but I cannot ignore the thought that pop up inside my mind how awful they might seem...

Hmmm... deep breathing...

Yesterday was in the sign of improvisation ...hiring a trailer bring "Elly" (the electric automobile) on vacation in Jylland for repair. An way to long trip for my poor body but I am going to spent every possible moment with the family until the surgery on monday.

I fell asleep on the way, somehow the pain drains the body of strength but the worst thing is not being able to control the tear as they silently fills the corner of my eye...

I am trying so hard to keep that positive spirit but God it is hard.

It helps getting the thoughts down in writing, somehow it simplifies the complexion of it all.

As we sat at Elly´s resort for the time being ... talking to this remarkably nice mann from who we originally bought the car ... it did strike me again, in a week we will hopefully get some answers but getting from A to B ... that I still have not figured out.

He have been really sick with cancer but is now alive and kicking, he did fight his way back ... will I have that same strength?

Off course I will but right now I do not feel strong or tough enough for a walk in the park.
(Thank God we got a car!)

Made a stop on the way home at a nice inn.
The children said it was the best restaurant they had ever eaten in... the son got a children´s burger... but child and child ... it was a solid meal, not a pre- prepared steak but a nice, tremendously huge burger, with greens on the side and home made fries. The daughter ate a club sandwich on the size of the Eiffel Tower. The husband jumped on board in a nicely cut cappacio with parmasan and fresh fish served to its full.
I chose the season menu, lobster soup, which I have never had before, that was a bit different but creamy ... nice a warm, entrecote on a bed of baked rootfruits , terrine, beans wrapped in bacon, french fries and sauce bearnaise, it was delicious ...
Pistacio ice with berries flambé, pear belle helene and vanilla ice ... for show stoppers we all rolled out into the car.

What a lovely day...

Woke up this snowy day with everything but a smile on my face, my cheeks seem to be wet a lot these days. Damn tears...

The son is out swimming (in doors) with his father something they both looked forward to, I too did want to go, but today the body is but a corpse it seem, my bones hurt and I feel fragile.

Tomorrow I will go along ... I say to myself...

Later on we will drive out into the snow ... I do not know what the day hold for us but I do not care as long as we are together ...

Tomorrow Today
is Yesterday.
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