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2. marts 2009.

Being in the hospital is no fun what so ever but somehow I cannot help thinking about the healthy reflektion it calls upon.

The doctors do their best, and at least they did not sent me home with the tremendous pain I had as I came in last monday.

God is has allready been a week.

One of my new "roommates" been through quite a lot. First they removed her colon, then they did something wrong and had to re-operate on her.
She kept on telling them something was wrong and finally after having drunk a blue (of all colors) liquid they found out that she has a leak. That means she can have nothing but sondnutricion for at least 4-5 months. Suddenly my illness felt less significate,yes I am on sondnutricion too going on month number 5 but I am allowed to drink a glas of water or enjoy a deligthful piece of chocolate, eat the fantastic food only found in hospitals. Laughing. Cannot help thinking about what proper food would do for the patients...why do they have to boil vegestables to beyond rekognition, meat has to be grey, and potatoes all wet... Well that was not a complaint.

But I am seriously considering adding some solor to my sondfood... Lively clors that is...

She can have zip. Nada.

She cried, you know the kind of tears you do not want others to see but just cannot help from falling.

Thinking about my own situation i went down to the hospitalstore.
I must admit I am not the fastest car in the lane but down I went, enjoyed a bit a fresh air, looked for a person to help with some paperwork, as if being hospitalized was not enough, you also have to struggle to keep your home together, leaving it all up to my presious husband, all in one trip.

Got a flashback, poorly syncronized german add saying "but mum, that is three things all in one." The kinderegg...

What might cheer her up, she cannot eat and drink, most of the magazines is filled with recipes... Hmmm.
Somehow she did not strike me as the kind of woman who would put alot of times into magazines about tattoos or boats...

Then it stared at me, a small, soft white little lamb. That she should have for good luckcharms.
The smile on her face was priceless.
The glance of hope in her eyes made me remember that we cannot change the entire world we can only start with ourselves.

Somebody recently surprised me big time, not because he was told so but because he could do so.

One might be in the middle of the dilemma choosing between milk or cream in the coffee another might simply have nothing.

But most people have got the ability to smile.
It does not cost anything, you not likely to strain a muscle (unless you have never smiled before, then I would say it is called upon)but the effect is tremendous.

Therefore I send you all off this afternoon smiling to whoever may cross your path. Smile and the world will smile with you.

I am a lucky girl, I am not alone, yes I miss my husband and my wonderful children but they are in need of a smiling mom, a wife ready to face tomorrow not with a frawn but with a smile.

Humanius est deridere vitam quam deplorare...
Laugh at life,don't cry over it.

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