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Pay It Forward.

30. september 2010.

Is the title of a to me memorable movie...
Like some other kids, 12-year-old Trevor McKinney believed in the goodness of human nature.
Like many other kids, he was determined to change the world for the better.
Unlike most other kids, he succeeded.
Three imperfect people. One perfect idea.
Sometimes The Simplest Idea Can Make The Biggest Difference.
Have You Heard?
When someone does you a big favor, don't pay it back... Pay It Forward
Some favours you are not allowed to pay back.
Is it possible for one idea to change the world?
A movie from the heart that connects with the heart.
#1 It has to be something that really helps people.
#2 Something they can't do by themselves.
#3 I do it for them, they do it for three other people.
These are the rules when you pay it forward...
It may seem obvious to You who already does good in life, but...
If you have not already seen the movie I can recommend for a rainy day.
Like many other I strive to do good every day...
It lies within me. I have found an insigth with a little help from the angels in life that sorrounds me.
Unlike many people of today, I care about what others think of me, but a rare gift has come to me and now I strive to do at least one good deed every day.
It feels me with concern when I open the paper every day and read about all the horrors that occur every day.
People with no respect of human life, feeling and values.
Youngster saying f*ck you when you kindly ask them to hold a door, kids robbing others because they want what others have, and instead of working their buts off they held people up in the middle of the night, robbing banks doing al kinds of wrongs.
I am no saint, I too swaer ... but I would like too say I do not delibarately cause people grief and sorrow ... I hope.
I felt proud when my husband came home late the other night telling me how he had helped a young mother with a child on her bike, when her bicycle chose to stop working along with the chain...
As he said, I only hope that others would help you too if you stood somewhere in need.
It may sound as a cliche but when I got a present from a friend some time ago, it really ment a lot.
He could have chosen to turn the other cheek but for some reason: he chose to the kind gesture of sending me a box of chocolate.
Knowing how much such a gesture could mean I started my small "crusade", before this I would not have had the currage to get involved in others life.
But now I know that a small present or a kind gesture to a fellow "inmate" at the hospital can mean the world.
Giving the person i the line i the supermarket who lacks a dime that dime.
Seeing the smile as they realise that you does not expect anything in return.
As you say "now maybe you can help someone else the next time they need a small favour"
Life is not defined by what kind of life you have, in the matters of wealth, health or happiness but by how you spent the hours granted you for a undefined purpose.
Maybe I do not make sence.
I do not know.
These days life drains me... I do not have strength to even the simpelst of task.
Had to give up on traing today, as it turned out to be just another vomitting day.
Tears down my cheeks...
Having sent in all the papers for the Municipality to overlook my case. I am never coming back to work again and it fills my heart with sadness.
I know that I schould be and I am grateful for having had a second chance in life because that is how it feels.
I have got a stamp in form of the diagnosis. I know that it will kill me in the end but at least I did not get a time sentence so far...
No "cancer-you merely got ... days to live" stamp.
Tears fall heavily on my computer as I write... wonder if a warranty would cover tear-damage on the hardware...
But I am not complaining I am still around and in the game.
Being home means stability for the kids. Being able to help cook dinner. Helping with the homework ...
Shit I still care what other think ...
I cry ´cause the house is sometimes messy Because I feel I do not do what is expected of me.
I cry when I realise that the one I let down the most is me.
I am the one setting the high standards I cannot keep.
How can one person who have a degree in law and an even bigger degree in life be so stupid.
Why can´t I just shut it out?
Searching my soul...

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