Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction & Polyneuropathy

CIPO & Polyneuropati AMSAN

As I glide into fall

September 19th 2018 I can wake up in the morning and thinking “Yes, this will be a marvelous and wonderful day!" Just having to realize after moving to the wheelchair, that today will be an extremely hard day. The state of things can change faster than the tide at a full moon. For whatever reason, I can go from a well-balanced energy surplus to a blistering deficit faster than two infiltrated photons, in a quantum state, Einsteins relativity theory gives a shot for the top. Sometimes it may be due to weather changes, sometimes it’s stress-related, but most often I do not know why it happens! And just to make this cocktail perfect, the energy level an activity takes can change from day to day, making it extremely difficult to plan the day. And then I have not even mentioned the overwhelmingly complicating factor; Pain! You can have the energy of the universe, but believe me, it evaporates like lightning from a clear sky, if you feel like someone has driven you over with a rubber truck loaded with the sum of all the fear .... Then you just need not to move an inch. Pain tones my body on a daily basis. If it’s not the bowel obstruction like stomach ache that leaves me in a breathless vacuum, it’s the nerve aches that make it feel like someone has burned my hands and feet with a flare while they reluctantly try to quench the fire with an electric hedge trimmer. On a good day I can hide the pain, on a bad, it eats me raw. To day is a raw day. But it is September the nature excels in showing off its beautiful colors, therefore I will keep on painting the picture that is life’s grand prize, the picture depicting the greater picture within the picture. All be well as You glide into fall.

Tomorrow Today
is Yesterday.
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