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Joy at Heart

14. februar 2009.

I am amazed, enchanted.

Woke up this morning, feeling sore in my entire body.
Well aware of every part of my body, I stubbled out of bed.

Friday the 13th...

We got off all right, arrived at work ...

A normal busy day ... a normal day until the post arrived ...
a packet for me, I knew it might be coming but I had no expectations, but suddenly it was there.

Gently I unwrapped it ... at little beautifully wrapped present.
Black paper, sealed ribbon.

A box of chocolate, a black box with a red heart and an ingraving saying to Tina.
It lay in a small bag with a little bear... I smiled ...

A tear in my eye.

A small explosion in one little almond.
A roasted almond covered in dark chocolate and cocoa powder.
One almond as full as a whole back of roasted almonds, okay that will never be the same.
This I am going to enjoy.

A beautiful present from a stranger, a person who did not have to do so but who chose to do so anyway...

In a world where everyone seem to mind their own business at the most, you can still find that special compassion.
A life-affirming glimpse of human nature..

This could have been a typical friday the 13th, running stockings, coffee spilled, rain and clouds but it was not.

It was a happy day, a day of joy. Hope in my heart.
Yes the nutrition maschine leaked and sent me of without "food", but instead I got the opportunity to eat a normal piece of bread with butter and cheese, drinking a cup of tea, and how great wasn´t that?
Is the cup half full or half empty the eternal question.

Off course it is always full, always look on the bright side of life no matter how hard it might seem.

It was freezing cold as I went out to buy some fruit, and the mission failed hugely, black bananas and smashed apples, no thanks! Bought lunch for the husband and myself in the cafe round the corner. Lovely. "Grilled" potatoes, lots of freshly greens, chicken and bit of bacon, beautifully served, an explosion of colors . Red, green, orange, brown ... delicious.

At six o´clock we closed the store and set the coordinates heading home, a single stop on the way, now we will get by a few days...

Safely home I realized just how beat I was ...

But it had been a great day, one of many more to come.

As I fell asleep I felt a joy of heart that cannot be described.

Life truly is a box chocolate; you never know what you get ...

But if you face it with a smile you have already gotten a long way...

A smile from my lips to your heart, may it last!

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